Music for pregnant moms

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Music can play an important part in all stages of pregnancy for you and your unborn baby. The music on this CD will help to relax you during your pregnancy. And when you’re relaxed the chemical messengers released by your brain calm your unborn baby and impart a sense of wellbeing. Mom’s happiness directly affects her baby’s emotions because they share many hormones during pregnancy. This CD can also help during childbirth by relieving anxiety and stimulating the release of endorphins, known as the feel-good hormones, to help to ease the pain.


1. Hello baby

2. This is mommy

3. Heartbeat

4. Calm waters

5. The journey

6. Warm and safe

7. Whispering

8. Morning glow

9. Anticipation

10. Calm baby

11. Mother’s melody

12. Sweetness and love


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